Lend a hand


“Empowering through learning and practice”

Development or progress is not an event or a statistic, but a process. Charity, although necessary, is oftentimes not adequate to effect meaningful changes in peoples’ lives. Every individual needs basic education and knowledge to be able to achieve their dreams and success in life.
Through our education programs, we have the objective to contribute in bridging the education gap in Africa by focusing on the short, medium and longer term sustainable benefits of targeted initiatives.

Our programs comprise:
  • Facilitating school kids studies with proper stationeries.

  • Bridging knowledge gap through books donations to libraries.

  • Basic computers and IT training.

  • Donating and teaching how to use sowing machines.

Social Development

“Charity begins at home”

The core principle of this program is to remind every person that there is always a way to help the underserved communities by fulfilling their basic living needs. We ask individuals and companies to collect goods and/or contribute financially for clothing and food provisions for a nominated orphanage or help Centre.

“Building families”

Those of us who had the opportunity of enjoying a happy family life know the benefits of sharing one’s life with others in a spirit of love, trust, sharing and protection. This is a project that advocates the basic needs that we all have to love and be loved for the person we are and/or the person we could be. This is not a traditional sponsorship program but contains two interconnected components:

  • Sponsoring the education or activity of someone who cannot afford it.

    Education or activities include but are not limited to:

    • Monthly living expenses of an orphan or a woman.

    • Schooling fees and related expenses.

    • Cost of apprenticeship in art crafts, sowing and selling.

  • Building a relationship of trust, brotherhood/sisterhood/parent with the child or woman you are sponsoring. This can be done through:

    • Correspondence (email/letters)

    • Mentoring by coaching one or a group of people

    • Monitored visits to a godchild

    • Outdoors activities