Lend a hand
  • Rhema Children's Village

    We have donated refurbished computers to the Rhema church orphanage. We worked in partnership with DEVICE SA that refurbished the PCs and donated the screens, and NetPerformance that provides the technical support.

  • Look Forward Creativity Centre

    This centre was created from an idea of a humble lay Catholic woman who dedicated herself to a life of celibacy. This orphanage is completely running on a donations based. They don't receive any financial support, except from individuals.

    The kids received clothes, shoes, beddings, baby cots, car seats, bicycle, a PC for their receptionist, stationeries, radio, kettle... and some sweets and a Christmas tree to celebrate Christmas.

  • Kids Haven

    Kids Haven is a shelter that reaches out to children in the streets and in their surrounding communities. They keep kids from all over, including South Africa, Zimbabwe and DR Congo.

    We have donated food supplies.

  • Ubuhle Bezwe:

    Ubuhle Bezwe is an orphanage based in Tembisa.

    We've donated school bags, stationeries, non-perishable food, DVD players, clothes and lots of toys.

  • Ubuhle Bezwe

    Under the Microsoft Employee Volunteering Program (EVP), Microsoft WECA Central team contributed to provide non-perishable food, vegetables and medical care products to 58 orphans in Tembisa.

  • Shammah Safe house

    Shammah Safe House serves as an after-hours reception centre for abuse, abandon neglected and lost children - 6 months to 8 years old.

    We donated food, clothes for babies, baby food, First aid kits, blankets, educational toys and books.

  • Bienvenu Shelter

    Bienvenu Shelter is a dedicated women shelter in Johannesburg.

    We have donated food, milk, porridge, sugar, clothes, underwears, shoes, handbags, make-up and accessories, raincoats, school stationeries, toiletries and manicure sets and products.

  • Ubuhle Bezwe

    We have donated PCs and taught computer and basic MS Word to a number of kids at Ubuhle Bezwe. We also gave them MS Word manuals and installed some of the eLearning programs from Microsoft Learning Suite. Additionally, we brought groceries, clothes and games.

  • Look Forward Creativity Centre

    The centre keeps 11 kids from 0-14yrs old.

    We have donated fruits and veggies, medications, canned food, toiletries, milk, nappies, sweets and a PC.

  • Shammah Safe House

    We have donated hampers bags for street girls and groceries supply.

  • Bethany Home

    Bethany Home hosts 26 women and their 28 children who have been victims of abuse and ran away.

    We have donated food, clothes, shoes, handbag, mugs, toys, toiletries and much more. We also gave them a beauty make-over to reboot their self-esteem with make-up and hair-do.

  • Ubuhle Bezwe

    We have donated appliances, tv and food for the kids at Ubuhle Bezwe. We have also received party packs that gave us a chance to celebrate Christmas with the kids.

    Since 2015, our objective is to buy a house for the kids. They are currently renting and only have 4 bedrooms for the 68 orphans and abandoned kids at that place!

  • Shammah Safe House

    Shammah Safe house now hosts 15 kids from 18 months up to 8 years old.

    We have paid for 6 of the children the 2015 school fees . We also brought food, nappies and snacks for Christmas celebration. Since 2015, our objective is to buy a small bus.

  • Ubuhle Bezwe and Shammah Safe House

    We have donated food supplies and clothing to both children shelters.