Lend a hand

About Us

Established in 2009, DUNIA is a non-profit organisation that brings people together under the banner of giving, service to humanity and community engagement.
We started as a group of friends who just wanted to make a difference in our communities. Today, we are currently growing in our actions by touching many areas of needs in Africa.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring hope and empower those in needs, through the release of people’s power for love, compassion, justice and peace.

Our Vision

To work in partnership with organisations that focus on education, health and sustainable development in deprived communities. And thus, participate effectively in building and transforming the world into a more prosperous place for all.

Our Team

Sandra Yav


Renette Vidot

General Secretary

Simone K. Yav


Marianne N. Yav

Logistics & Operations

Judith Mongala

Marketing & Public Relations

Mariama Diallo

Project coordinator