Lend a hand

Our Three Pillars


Empowering through learning and practice

Development or progress is not an event or a statistic, but a process. Charity, although necessary, is oftentimes not adequate to effect meaningful changes in peoples’ lives. Every individual needs basic education and knowledge to be able to achieve their dreams and success in life.

Social Development

Charity begins at home

The core principle of this program is to remind every person that there is always a way to help the underserved communities by fulfilling their basic living needs. We ask individuals and companies to collect goods and/or contribute financially for clothing and food provisions for a nominated orphanage or help Centre.


If you have love you will do all things well

One of our main objective is to drive sustainable projects to empower the underserved communities and allow them to be self-sufficient. We're providing: Mentoring and coaching to young womem; Help in obtaining school bursary; School stationeries for scholarsa